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Anonyme whispered : Do you ever worry about Kyuhyun a little? I'm kind of worried (not seriously, just a little concern) because he's been going for over 2 years or so without any significant break :/

Of course. I get worried when I see his face in airport because even though most of the time, he wears mask, his eyes look tired. He seems to be one whose immune level is not good so I hope he’s been taking care of himself well. 

Every year, SM gives the members a break. I think last time Kyuhyun had a vacation was last year when he went on an Europe trip with Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Ryeowook. So I expect he will get another break soon. Maybe after SJ’s comeback.

Anonyme whispered : When Kyu got bashed coz of RS, what would you think/do so your heart won't get angry to people who bashed him badly? I dont want to get angry to other side because I know they might not think/hear clearly about what Kyu said

Honestly, I do get angry and I rant a lot when someone attacks Kyuhyun. I just don’t do it in here lol. But if I encounter them in online sites, I don’t attack those people who bash Kyuhyun. I always believe what fans do describes the idol. I don’t want people to label Kyuhyun’s fans as those crazy defensive people. 

However, if someone says something bad about Kyuhyun and I think what they say is not right, I will defend him. If you can provide evidence that can support your defense, there is little chance for your opponent to be able to attack you back. But still, I try to be civilized while doing so.

The problem with most fans when it comes to RS is that most of them do not understand or refuse to accept the concept of the show. 

What fans should remember is that what you do will always reflect on your idol.

Anonyme whispered : bless you for existing. i am so hesitant to actually be an active part of the kpop fandom because of the fanaticism and your realistic perspectives about your biases are a breath of fresh air. keep on being great!!!!

Thank you for your kind words :) I believe there are other fans who have the same way of thinking like me too, so don’t be afraid of the craziness of the fandom. There are always fans who are not crazy in a fandom :)

Anonyme whispered : but what kyuhyun said? I just saw that he said "come to see the musical, you still have time" did he say something else? I'm confused because that isn't something mean...

This following brief translation only includes the part that is related to the issue, so the part where they asked other guests, I won’t translate. My purpose is to make my answer short and focused on the topic.

The MCs were talking about the Top 3 of musical ticket power and mentioned Baekhyun as one of them. But Kim Gura said that this time, after the dating scandal, many of Baekhyun’s tickets got cancelled, so Baekhyun should be out of the Top 3. And they kept talking about it, with Kim Gura saying that he just said an accurate fact. Honestly, from my point of view, I could feel that they were trying to make Kyuhyun speak because Yoon Jongshin kept looking at his direction but Kyuhyun just looked down. But because they kept talking about it, Kyuhyun finally spoke and he said he and Baekhyun were currently doing SITR together. Kim Gukjin asked Kyuhyun if the musical was full? (the seats) and Kyuhyun said, “I think many people should come”. Kim Gukjin didn’t solely mention Baekhyun’s performance but the caption made it seem like he did ask for Baekhyun’s performance. And after that Kyuhyun said like what you wrote.

Kyuhyun said about Baekhyun’s ticket power, that his tickets did get sell out, even the premium tickets and it happened like that…but then Kyuhyun didn’t continue his words and sounded hesitated. 

Yoon Jongshin asked if there were cancelled tickets. Kyuhyun said the reservations (for the seats) got cancelled and they went to someone else. 

As you can see, Kyuhyun didn’t say anything bad about Baekhyun and it is indeed a fact that many of the tickets got cancelled after the scandal broke out. So I think it is nonsense to bash Kyuhyun just because he said what really happened. This is different from the previous cases because in other cases, I could see the point of view of the other side. But this one, it’s just complete hatred towards Kyuhyun. 

Anonyme whispered : Do you have any thoughts when you read that Kyuhyun mentioned that he stopped playing games these days, so he keeps receiving stress? I believe you've read that interview which was from Cosmopolitan magazine this year if I'm not wrong. I actually feel a little sad when I read it. Since gaming is one of his sources of happiness and reliving stress. Yet because of his schedules, he's probably too busy and tired to even do his favourite hobby...

Goldfish memory here..I don’t remember which magazine it was, but yeah he indeed said something along that line, that because of his schedule, he hasn’t had time to play games much or watch movie.

Honestly, sometimes I am glad that he’s not playing games…not because I don’t want him to be happy, but because if he plays game, he only sleeps at the dawn and that is not good for his body, especially when he needs the stamina and energy to do his schedule.

But it is sad that he said he’s been having stress. Kyuhyun needs to ‘recharge’ himself too. He’s getting busier so it does make me worried too.

Anonyme whispered : We know that Kyu often being bashed coz of RS. And this time as well, just because other MC brought up the topic and Kyu tried to be neutral, he got bashed (again). There's misunderstanding here, I believe it. ><

No, there is no misunderstanding there. Kyuhyun gets bashed because he said the truth. 

"Oppa didn’t mean it?" No, oppa was just saying the fact. 

Also, honestly he did not say anything bad about the particular idol.

Anonyme whispered : Hello! Do you think that Siwon likes to Western women?, he seems open minded and that things like race or age he does not care. Thank you

Things like race or age should not be a matter.

Anonyme whispered : If you have blog(s) that you are following and they are now posting/reblogging posts that you aren't in favour of seeing on your dashboard, would you unfollow those blog(s) or leave it as it is?

It depends. If I can tolerate it, I don’t unfollow. If it’s to the extent where I really can’t stand it anymore, then yes I will unfollow. Also if the blogs are not active anymore or have been closed, then yes I will unfollow them too.

I don’t follow a lot of blogs and I don’t do follow back, so it rarely happens for me to unfollow someone.


the weirdest shit about the whole “your fave is problematic” thing is that y’all hunt down minor details about the past of celebrities while also refusing to acknowledge how you acted like two years ago 

Anonyme whispered : Do you a kind of person who stick with the same bias(es) for a long time and added new one in your 'bias-list' OR your old bias will be removed when you've a new bias(es)? I hope my question not offend you ^^

I am the kind of person who doesn’t like changes, so yeah I tend to stick to one thing or person. If I find another person to be my bias, I just add it to my bias list. Not bragging myself, but I do consider myself as a loyal person. Unless the person really does something that goes against my principle or breaks my faith in them, I will stick to them for a very long time. For example, I have a friend whom I’ve known since elementary school and we still talk until now. 

Anonyme whispered : I notice this. Hae, Mimi, and Won, 3 hyung who often seen touch/hug Kyu in public (there's camera). But Kyu likes to cling to Hyuk and Mimi in real life (when there's no camera), and Hyuk says himself that he and Kyu often spending time together. But overall, Kyu likes to tease almost all SJ hyungs. xD These closeness between Kyu and his hyung is interesting. I'd never get enough of their interactions. =D And from HaeMiWon's eyes, I feel that they really adore Kyu like a kids =D

Kyuhyun likes to cling to anyone in SJ and it helps that everyone in the group treats him like a baby sometimes lol he’s such a spoiled brat