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익명 회원 whispered : do you agree with what SJ doing : fight when there's problem and then solve it directly so there's no misunderstanding in the future? Their relationship is just like family who mock each other alot yet care about each other problem.

Yes, I agree. A healthy relationship is not one that has no fight or problem at all. By having a conflict in relationship, although it can also ruin the relationship, conflict also forces people to learn and understand about each other ,when they find the right way to do it. This can also help strengthening the relationship. It’s also good to solve the problem without dragging it too long because the longer you keep it, the deeper you could get hurt from the problem. That’s why if you have problem, don’t just keep it to yourself. 

This is only my opinion, but as I time passed by and I thought about it a lot, perhaps if Geng was more open and SJ members were more sensitive, Geng wouldn’t have to leave. But this is just my thought only. In no way I am blaming either side. I am aware that there are many reasons behind him leaving SM. And he left because of SM, not because of SJ. 

Although it was something that I feel it was a pity to happen, I think SJ members have learned a lot from this problem and this actually has helped them to be closer to each other. Since their debut, they have gone through a lot and despite what people say about them, they continue to give their best and show that they can’t be easily gotten rid of. This is why I still stan them until today :)

익명 회원 whispered : So actually KBS wants to fight Radio Star with releasing new variety show? :( Ah..I like Yoo Jae Suk, I like RS's MCs too. But maybe I dont need to watch those new show, just wait for the Engsub. Altho I dont understand RS at all, I always laugh with all the CG and the interactions between guest and MC.

Well, don’t all TV stations want to get the best viewer rating? It doesn’t necessarily mean KBS wants to fight Radio Star. Although I personally like Yoo Jaesuk among all Korean MCs, but just because he is the lead of show, it doesn’t mean the show will get a really good rating continuously. Look at MBC Come To Play. After years of airing, they finally ended the show and it was done so suddenly. Even Yoo Jaesuk himself said that the show doesn’t depend on him but the format of the show and the members of the show. 

All I am saying is it’s too early to judge. The viewer rating can change in a way that we never expect :)

익명 회원 whispered : How is the RS's rating againts KBS i am a man?



First picture is MBC’s Radio Star, showing a 4.9% rating from ep. 372 on April 9, 2014. Second picture is KBS I Am A Man, showing a 4.1% rating from their 1st episode on April 9, 2014. Both shows were airing at the same time.


This is the table for viewer rating for variety programs that were airing on April 9, 2014. For shows that were airing at the same slot time (11:15pm) , Radio Star was leading with viewer rating in the first place (in above table, they are #3). They were followed by SBS Oh! My Baby in 2nd place and 3rd place is KBS I Am A Man. 

Since last night was only the first episode of KBS I Am A Man, so perhaps it’s the reason why the show has lowest rating, despite the fact Yoo Jaesuk was the lead of the show. However, viewer ratings can be changed as time goes by.

익명 회원 whispered : Hi sorry for random question. As I know you live in Western, right? Do you ever hear that people shouldn't drink mineral water too much? I live in Eastern so now I'm confuse. We should drink 1.5-2 L/day, but I read an article about 'just drink 1 L/day, don't too much'. If you know something, may you share here? ^^

To be honest, I am not one who really pays a lot of attention to such thing lol ;;; That’s bad though, so I don’t really recommend that to other people. Anyway, because of that, I don’t really remember how much water should we drink everyday. However, according to Mayo Clinic

The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.

익명 회원 whispered : Hyuk said that Kyu likes to making fun of members all day (based oon translation I read). Is it because Kyu wants more attention or it's just his way to love member? And why SJ member put "-shi" after name when they called each other in public and on-camera? But they didn't put "-shi" behind the public, just "-ah" for the younger and "hyung/noona" for the older.

I think it’s just the way he expresses his love to his members lol. Despite his mature and calm appearance, if you see it carefully and closer, he is one playful guy and such a jokester. People have different ways to show his love to close people around them. If Siwon’s way to show his love to his members is through skinships, Kyuhyun may show it through jokes and teasing. But it’s all only from my opinion and observation. 

I may not be the best person you should turn to when you have question about Korean culture since I am not Korean. I can only give you answer based on my limited knowledge that I learned from media. 

If you mean why do they put ‘-shi’ behind one’s name when they talk about someone (e.g: Sungmin talks about Kyuhyun and he refers to him as ‘Kyuhyun-shi’) or when they mention the person as the 3rd person, I think it’s because it’s more formal. The ending of -ah or -ie are more informal and usually, you will only be allowed to use if you are close to the person or you are older than them. Although even if some people are older than the other person, they will still ask the younger person if it’s okay to drop the formal speech between them and call them with ending -ah (-ie is used more for 3rd person). It’s why for some younger SJ members, they will often be heard using -shi or hyung whenever they talk about a certain older member or to call them in public. For example, Kyuhyun sometimes calls Sungmin with Sungmin hyung or refers to him with Sungmin-shi. Either way, it should be fine. I assume that since it’s in public, they tend to use a more formal way to call someone than the informal one, in respect of each other. However, perhaps in some cases, younger person or a junior will not use -shi to call an older person or senior, unless they are close (like SJ members) or there isn’t big age gap between them. I still remember during Kyuhyun’s first days as Radio Star MC, he called one of the guest, who’s older and more senior than him, with ending -shi, instead of sunbaenim/hyungnim. It made all of them there kind of surprised. 

Anyway like I said, I have limited knowledge about Korean culture so please take my explanation with a grain of salt.

익명 회원 whispered : what do u think about jackie chan's birthday party where siwon and hangeng met but seemed that they didn't interact to each other?? and I heard that jackie also told guests that that day was siwon's birthday too,so all guests sang happy birthday to siwon.. means that geng knew siwon was there.. and i'm pretty sure that siwon knew that geng was there too..

Personally, I hope they got to talk at least in the backstage. They might have been very careful about their interaction in public but I hope it’s not like that in backstage. I still think Hangeng is a part of SJ ‘family’, though I don’t think he will ever come back to SJ.  All I wish is just for the boys to still have good relationship with each other. After all, they used to be together for a long time. Anyway, we really don’t know what actually is happening behind the screen.

익명 회원 whispered : Have you ever watched any of Kyuhyun's musicals? If you didn't, out of all those he had, which would you want to watch the most, why?

I have never watched any of Kyuhyun’s musicals, unfortunately. To be honest, it’s quite hard for me to choose which of Kyuhyun’s musical that I want to watch. Each of his musicals has some unique element that attracts me. But after thinking for a while, I think I would like to watch “Catch Me If You Can” the most. Frank Abagnale’s character, in my opinion, is a very unique and interesting character. I think he is smart man, seeing how he’s able to con many people through various lies when he was at a very young age. However, he also had interesting childhood background that, at some point, had led him to become a con-man. In the musical, the actor that plays his character must be performing various emotions in various situations. He’s a con-man, so he lies a lot and it means he has to put different masks on his face in many scenes. I want to see how Kyuhyun portrays this character. I want to see how through his acting, Kyuhyun describes the pain, anger, happiness, all those emotions that Frank has in the musical. There are some fancams from the musical scenes, but I am not satisfied just by watching them. I would like to witness Kyuhyun’s acting in real life, with my own two eyes.

evenastoppedclock321 whispered : re: post/82061955499/kyuhyun-come-to-me-eunhyuk-what-come-to, didn't kyuhyun say '내 품에 안겨'/'(held) in my arms', not '내 품에...안녕'/'in my arms...hello'?

I heard 안녕 though. I was thinking the lyrics meant something along “welcoming you to my arms” and that’s why he said 안녕.  But perhaps, you’re right too. I was actually thinking to find the original song, since he sang this part. Anyway, thank you for telling me this ^^ 

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