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Anonyme whispered : Hi, what do you think about Kyu's composed song? Actually it's ChangKyu's composed song and Kyu just arrange the melody. And I'm very shocked actually when I see Kyu croossdressing again.. XDD

It’s a beautiful song and has painful but beautiful lyrics. I feel really touched when I hear him singing. I do think that the fact Kyuhyun is the one who sings it also makes the song that good. I am convinced that even a bad song can sound good when Kyuhyun sings it. That’s just how magical Kyuhyun’s voice is <3 ㅋㅋ 

Although, actually the line about his friends making him drinking got me laughing because of how much Kyuhyun likes drinking in real life. But then I was touched again for the rest of the song. I am always amazed at Kyuhyun’s ability to touch my heart everytime I hear him singing. 

Also, this song just proves that Changkyu could be a successful sub-unit if SM promote them. Maybe next year, when Yunho goes to army.

About the crossdressing, yeah well I think Kyuhyun already forgot about what he said before LMAO

anna1104 whispered : Hello. Siwon said there would be a song which he composed for SS6. Is it the one he performed while wearing the horse costume? Because, honestly, that was not what I expected

His solo for SS6 is not the song that he composed. It was a cover of Norazo’s Wild Horse. His self-composed song is titled “Don’t Leave Me” which was sung by all SJ members. 

Anonyme whispered : Hi! Are you excited to hear the song that Siwon has composed? !! I'm excited

When I read he wrote a song, I was very excited and ecstatic! I honestly had never expected him to compose a song and he actually did! I am very proud of Siwon. The song also sounds nice and I can’t wait until I can have the digital version of it! Although I may have to wait for a year to get that :( 

1. Go to genie.co.kr and look at the small box on the right.


2. Click the option that has Twitter logoimage

3. If you are already logged in on your twitter, you will see this page. Click “authorize app” to be allowed using your twitter account on Genie. You then will be redirected to Genie’s page.

*If you have not logged in on your twitter, it will ask you to login first to your twitter and after you log in, you should be redirected to Genie’s page. image

4. Next page is where you start your registration. Click the twitter logo on the right and it will bring you back to the Twitter confirmation page. Again, you have to “authorize app” so that you can use your Twitter account to make account on the site.



5. You will then be brought to the agreement page. You have to check all of them to be able to go to next page. 1) Click the first box to put check in the rest of the box. 2) Click the button in the bottom to go to next page. 


6. You need to make nickname for your account.image



7. If you see this page after clicking the finish button, it means you have successfully made your account on Genie using your twitter account. Click the button as directed by picture below to login using your twitter again.image

8. You will see this box. Click the twitter logo again and it will bring you again to Twitter confirmation page.


9. When you’re done, the site should bring you back to the main page and you should be able to see your nickname on the main page, like picture below.


** For future reference, if you want to log out and log in again using your twitter account, just follow step 1-3

** You can also use your facebook account to make an account. It should be the same steps as making account using twitter.

** Now that you’re done making your account, follow this instruction to use Genie coupon that you can get from MAMACITA Album. This coupon will allow you to stream 100 times for free for 60 days. Instruction for that: HOW TO DO STREAMING IN GENIE FOR FREE (this tutorial is provided by @0203KYU0105EUN )

Anonyme whispered : Hi! I don't want to copy your gif or anything, I was just wondering where did you find the vid of the radio star opening?

Refer to question #1 please. I download the video. If you want to download, usually fans on Secret give out download links for Radio Star every week on the board.