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Anonyme whispered : Hi, what do you think about Kyu's composed song? Actually it's ChangKyu's composed song and Kyu just arrange the melody. And I'm very shocked actually when I see Kyu croossdressing again.. XDD

It’s a beautiful song and has painful but beautiful lyrics. I feel really touched when I hear him singing. I do think that the fact Kyuhyun is the one who sings it also makes the song that good. I am convinced that even a bad song can sound good when Kyuhyun sings it. That’s just how magical Kyuhyun’s voice is <3 ㅋㅋ 

Although, actually the line about his friends making him drinking got me laughing because of how much Kyuhyun likes drinking in real life. But then I was touched again for the rest of the song. I am always amazed at Kyuhyun’s ability to touch my heart everytime I hear him singing. 

Also, this song just proves that Changkyu could be a successful sub-unit if SM promote them. Maybe next year, when Yunho goes to army.

About the crossdressing, yeah well I think Kyuhyun already forgot about what he said before LMAO

anna1104 whispered : Hello. Siwon said there would be a song which he composed for SS6. Is it the one he performed while wearing the horse costume? Because, honestly, that was not what I expected

His solo for SS6 is not the song that he composed. It was a cover of Norazo’s Wild Horse. His self-composed song is titled “Don’t Leave Me” which was sung by all SJ members. 

Anonyme whispered : Hi! Are you excited to hear the song that Siwon has composed? !! I'm excited

When I read he wrote a song, I was very excited and ecstatic! I honestly had never expected him to compose a song and he actually did! I am very proud of Siwon. The song also sounds nice and I can’t wait until I can have the digital version of it! Although I may have to wait for a year to get that :(