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"(Nov)25: Musical performance at 4pm, then another Musical performace at 8pm. It ended at 11pm. Then, took a bath, changed clothes, took a bit rest, and took a flight to Taiwan at 3am in the middle of the night.

(Nov)26: Arrived at Taiwan at 8am. Went to hotel and took a little nap, then went for rehearsal. At the afternoon, there was LG fan-meeting.

This time around, both of them, one was preparing his 4th round musical, and the other one barely got enough sleep, took only a day to get rest, then must get ready for VCR filming, soaked himself inside the cold water as if it was they way to wake himself up.

When Kyuhyun could even hardly get up, Choi gege* always keeps watching at him. I’m (the author / the owner of the fan-acc) not being sensational here, but i still wanna say, really thank that you both always have been there for each others.♥”

*gege = older brother

  • WRITTEN on CHERISH 407203.com || translated by vaniariels @ tumblr/twitter 

judging by the pictures, it seems that this happened after SJ took a pict with fans in the background (this pic) || related post from seaofbluelights