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video cr: kyuhaeming

I love it when he takes a few seconds to stand and smile and the fans all go “woahhhhhh~~”. Then Kyuhyun reminds the fans to not push around.

And then as he goes through the crowd, he keeps telling them to not push around. But here is the thing that I love the most about this fancam. That Kyuhyun warns them jokingly (starts around 0:39). He tells them to not push around and that he’ll get all their presents for him. LOL and at one point, he still has time to even take a glance of one the fans’ camera and tells her that the picture is really pretty XD lol

Seriously….how could you hate this guy? HOW?! Obviously he was in such a happy mood that day :) You can rarely find a celeb or idol doing stuffs like he does. And idk if I am being biased or what, but Kyuhyun never forgets to smile to his fans even when he is being surrounded by a gazillion people and being pushed around. In some fancam, especially the ones after his musical, you can see that he is tired but he still smiles to the fans. This is a guy who is always grateful for the people around him. And when he says he is going to take all their presents for him, I believe in his words. Because this is a guy who has been labelled as someone who likes to wear stripes shirts when in fact, he doesn’t like it and he wears them because all his fans give him stripes shirts LOL although that is a bit funny but it just shows that he appreciates all the gifts for him. 

Evil maknae is just what he shows on variety and outside, but deep down he is someone who is thankful, loves, and respects everyone around him.